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Bicycle accidents cause serious injuries, and it is easy to see why. Unlike a motorist, someone riding a bicycle is not fully protected from the impact of a crash. Instead, bicyclists often suffer a direct hit from a truck or car, and cyclists can easily be thrown from the bicycle and onto the road.

At Groth & Associates, our Bowling Green bicycle accident attorneys help people like you after an injury. You can receive compensation if you can show that the person who struck you acted negligently and that you suffered injuries as a result.

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Because bicyclists are so unprotected, we tend to see more serious injuries after these accidents, including:

  • Fractures. Any bone in the body could break, but breaks in the legs, arms, hands, and feet are most common. Broken bones can cause serious complications, such as compartment syndrome, which can lead to the death of body tissue.
  • Soft-tissue injuries. A cyclist could tear tendons, ligaments, or muscles. Also, they can suffer nerve damage that causes incredible pain. A patient might need immediate surgery to remove pressure on nerves and reconnect torn ligaments or tendons.
  • Road rash. As a cyclist skids along the asphalt, the friction will peel the skin off exposed body parts. This is called road rash, and it can require skin grafting to repair.
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). A TBI can impair a cyclist’s speech, mobility, memory, cognition, and emotions. After a devastating TBI, our clients often need months of rehabilitation to make as much improvement as possible. Some never improve.
  • Spinal cord injuries. Any damage to the spinal cord can result in partial or total paralysis. Although some patients make improvement with rehabilitation, others are permanently disabled.

After an accident, seek out medical help immediately. The sooner you receive medical attention, the faster you can begin to make a recovery.





Many bicycle accidents occur because motorists are not looking for cyclists and behave aggressively or irrationally when they do see one. It is not surprising that many cyclists are injured by negligent drivers. Many drivers do not respect cyclists and are even annoyed that they are on the road and in the way.

To receive compensation for your injuries, you will need to prove the following elements of a negligence case:

  • Duty. You must show the driver owed you a duty to operate their vehicle carefully. Duty is usually easy to show. Generally, drivers owe those around them a duty to be careful, and this duty extends to cyclists in the near vicinity.
  • Breach of the duty. You must show the driver did not operate their vehicle with sufficient care. Typically, you will point to some error the driver made, such as driving while distracted or intoxicated. Other drivers simply are not paying attention or are aggressive, passing bicyclists while too close.
  • Damages. You can only bring a lawsuit if you suffer a legally-recognizable injury. Physical injuries qualify, such as those listed above. If you suffer a physical injury, you can also be compensated for emotional harms (like depression or anxiety) as well.
  • Causation. The motorist must have been responsible for your injuries. If they hit you, then this is usually easy to prove.

All four elements are required for a successful negligence suit. Unfortunately, many people have no idea how to begin building a case for negligence, which is why they call us. We can get to work compiling evidence, such as police reports, cell phone records, and witness testimony.


If you were hit by a driver, then their insurance policy should pay out compensation usually in the form of a settlement. Our clients can receive money for the following:

  • Medical care. You can receive money to cover transportation to the hospital, doctor’s visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs, rehabilitation, mental health counseling, assistive devices (like crutches) and other medical-related expenses.
  • Lost wages. If you cannot work after a crash, then you can get money to make up for your lost wages.
  • Property damage. Many collisions outright destroy our client’s bicycle. They often need to repair it (at a minimum) or replace it.
  • Pain and suffering. Physical injuries like those listed above cause pain and inconvenience. You can receive some money to make up for this suffering.
  • Emotional distress. Some accidents cause severe emotional distress. For example, suffering road rash on your face will likely cause embarrassment, anxiety, and social withdrawal. Other injuries will cause depression or anger.

Each bicycle accident is different. To fully understand all the compensation you can receive, meet with an experienced attorney.

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Stevin is by far the best Lawyer that I have encountered. He is professional, knowledgeable, and very patient. I have lived out of the country for the past 5 years and anytime I needed legal assistance he has always been there for me as if I was next door. I would strongly recommend Stevin Groth no matter what the circumstances are. His dedication and attention to detail is what’s appreciated the most. Thanks for all that you have done and you will continue to do for me.


Stevin was very professional and got me the best possible outcome for my case. I would recommend him to anybody that is looking for a great quality lawyer.


I had the pleasure of working with Stevin Groth on a case. He went above and beyond what I expected. I expected the worst and he fought for me way better than anyone would have. Will use again if needed. Cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you.



Some injured cyclists wrongly believe they can represent themselves and negotiate their own settlements. However, this rarely works. In fact, we receive phone calls from many people in a panic who tried to handle their own cases but soon found themselves overwhelmed.

When you hire Groth & Associates, you will gain experienced attorneys who can help with:

  • Collecting evidence
  • Finding a physician if you are unhappy with your current one
  • Working with expert witnesses, such as an accident reconstructionist, if your case requires one
  • Negotiating with a faceless, giant insurance company for fair compensation
  • Fending off insurance company tricks meant to deceive you and get you to settle for less money

We work closely with our clients, so that they never feel left out of the loop and always know exactly what is happening. We never settle a case without a client’s prior approval, so there is no risk to hiring us.


If you have suffered injuries in a bicycle accident, we can help. At Groth & Associates, we have been representing injured clients for decades. Our results speak for themselves: we have obtained millions of dollars in compensation for our clients, which attests to our experience in this area of law.

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