How to Avoid Truck Accidents in Ohio

Truck accidents typically lead to serious injuries, so the smart move is to avoid a collision in the first place. Groth & Associates is a law firm committed to accident victims’ rights, and our Ohio truck accident lawyer offers the following tips to reduce the odds of a crash.

Tips to Avoid Truck Accidents

Avoid Blind Spots

A tractor-trailer has blind spots on all four sides:

  • 20 feet in front of the truck
  • 30 feet behind the truck
  • Two lanes to the right of the driver
  • One lane to the left of the driver

You should do everything possible to stay out of the blind spots. The trucker cannot see you when you are in one, and they might drive over your vehicle if they don’t know you are there.

Pass Quickly—and Only on the Left

Of course, you might need to pass a truck on the highway, which means you need to travel through a blind spot. To pass, remember to only pass on the left, never the right. The blind spot is so huge on the right-hand side, that it is simply too dangerous. Also, passing on the right is usually illegal.

When passing on the left, you should get through the blind spot as quickly as possible. Don’t pass unless the truck is going slow. If you suspect the trucker is about to change lanes, quickly use your horn to alert the driver that you are beside them.

Avoid Cutting Off a Big Rig

These heavy trucks need more space to come to a complete stop. That means you can’t scoot in front of one, otherwise, you are risking an override accident, which is often deadly.

Stay Focused on Your Surroundings

This is good advice whether you are driving around trucks or not. Put away your cell phone and any other electronic device. Also, avoid eating or drinking while driving on the road. You want to remain 100% focused on what is happening around you so you can take quick defensive action, if necessary. Also, those distracted by cell phones are more likely to drift out of their lanes, and head-on collisions with oncoming trucks are often fatal.

Don’t Drive Between Trucks

Getting boxed in is dangerous and can lead to a deadly accident. It’s sometimes unavoidable, especially if several trucks are merging onto the highway. Nonetheless, drive carefully and wait for the truck to pass you.

Avoid Sudden Movements

Don’t do anything a truck driver can’t anticipate. Generally, you should always drive under the speed limit and use turn signals well in advance. This gives the trucker time to adjust to your action.

Expect Wide Turns

Some accidents happen downtown as trucks pull in to deliver goods. These trucks usually make very wide turns. For this reason, don’t hang out in the intersection because you could get hit. As a pedestrian, also be aware that some trucks ride up onto the sidewalk when making a turn.

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