How to Claim for a Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrians face numerous obstacles while out walking, including unsafe drivers who can plow into them. Many pedestrians need expensive medical care and can miss out on work after getting clipped or flipped by a vehicle. At Groth & Associates, we know how to file personal injury claims on behalf of pedestrians.

Below, our pedestrian accident attorney summarizes how to get compensation.

Identify the Driver Who Hit You

Hopefully, whoever struck you will stop and render assistance. It’s the law in Ohio, but some drivers do flee the scene of the accident. If the driver stops, ask for their name and insurance information, as well as a phone number. Their liability insurance should cover pedestrian collisions.

Receive Medical Care

Go to the hospital soon after the accident. Tell the doctor or nurse that you were hit by a car and where you feel pain. Typically, pedestrians suffer head, back, and pelvic injuries, but you could be injured anywhere you are in pain.

Some pedestrian injuries come on slowly, so closely monitor how you feel. For example, you might hop to your feet after a low-speed collision and feel fine. But over the next 24 hours, your back could seize up in pain or you feel increasingly strong headaches.

Submit an Insurance Claim

You can write a demand letter explaining the accident to the driver’s insurer. In this letter, you identify when the accident happened and how the driver was at fault. For example, you might have been crossing an intersection when instructed by a traffic signal. The driver insisted on making a right-on-red turn while refusing to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. In this situation, the driver is at fault for the crash.

You should also include a demand for compensation. Identify the amount of money you will accept in exchange for settling the claim. Typically, you should aim high, which gives you some room to come down while negotiating.

Negotiate a Settlement

The driver’s insurance company will probably reject your initial demand. They might think you were to blame for the crash because you were jaywalking or looking at your phone. Or they might claim you aren’t injured.

Our lawyers are deeply experienced in negotiation. We understand how insurance adjusters analyze the cases, and we have an ear form when they are bluffing that they can’t offer more money. You need a lawyer to help you. Someone who tries to negotiate their settlement might get too little compensation.

File a Lawsuit, If Necessary

We wish negotiation was always successful. It usually is—but there are times when the only way to obtain compensation is to file a lawsuit against the driver. A lawyer is better equipped to file a lawsuit and compile evidence to use to show fault.

Contact Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Were you injured while walking? The good news is that you can contact Groth & Associates for a free consultation today. We can provide information about making insurance claims and, if hired, begin working on your case.