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Vehicles may collide in a number of different ways, but the most serious, and the most scary, manner in which a crash occurs is a head-on collision. Indeed, head-on collisions are rare, but when they do happen, the effects are often fatal or life-changing injuries.

Head-on collisions are almost always the result of negligence, carelessness, or recklessness; they are rarely caused by vehicle or road defects. When these crashes happen and lives are severely impacted, the at-fault party should be held liable, and victims should recover the full extent of compensation that they deserve.

The Toledo head-on collisions lawyers at the offices of Groth & Associates are passionate about our work representing car accident victims, and pledge to work hard for you. Call our law firm today to learn more about how we can help you to maximize your settlement after a head-on crash.

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Head-on collisions are the least common type of car accident. This is likely because the way in which they occur involves such shockingly negligent behavior that something like speeding or texting while driving in itself is usually not enough to lead to this accident type.

Head-on crashes occur when vehicles traveling in opposite direction crash head-on into one another, with the front ends of both vehicles colliding. This means that in order for a head-on crash to occur, one of the drivers of a vehicle involved must be traveling in the wrong direction. A driver may cause a head-on collision by driving into oncoming traffic as a result of:

  • Falling asleep at the wheel;
  • Mistakenly taking an exit ramp to enter a highway or other roadway;
  • Crossing into the lane of oncoming traffic when making a tight turn around a bend; or
  • Drunk driving.

Other serious act of negligence, such as severe distracted driving, may also cause a head-on collision, although the acts above are the most common causes of head-on crashes.





Damages that result in head-on collisions can be very severe. When these accidents do not have fatal consequences, both drivers (and any passengers involved, especially those in the front seat), may suffer from:

  • Crush and amputation injuries;
  • Serious traumatic brain injuries (TBIs);
  • Facial injuries, including broken facial bones;
  • Bone fracture injuries;
  • Internal injuries;
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Back injuries;
  • Neck injuries;
  • Soft tissue injuries; and
  • Injuries to the extremities and superficial injuries, including bruises, burns, and lacerations.

These injuries may be severe enough to forever change the course of a victim’s life. For example, a spinal cord injury could mean permanent paralysis from the site of the injury downward. Or, a traumatic brain injury could mean that the injured person is never again able to care for themselves, return to work, or even maintain relationships. Injuries may require family members to quit their own jobs to provide care, or hire around-the-clock in-home care. In some cases, injured parties may require long-term care assistance in a facility.

In addition to the pain and suffering (both physical and emotional) that head-on collision victims and their families will experience after a crash, these types of collisions also lead to:

  • Major medical expenditures;
  • Property damage costs;
  • Lost wages and loss of earning capacity; and
  • A variety of non-economic losses, such as loss of consortium and diminished quality of life.

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Our experience with Attorney Stevin Groth was nothing short of life changing.
When we first contacted Mr. Groth, he gave us his cell phone number and we were able to directly contact him day or night. His knowledge of the Ohio judicial system was astounding. He handled all aspects of our case himself, never once handing off our case to jr. associates. Stevin had positive relationships with all the judges, district attorneys and court personal that we came in contact with. Stevin’s persuasive arguments on our son’s behalf cleared him of all charges. Because of Stevin’s abilities, our son is able to move forward with his life without the stigma of a criminal record. We could not recommend Stevin Groth more highly.


Dan is an amazing attorney. He had my divorce finalized in a short period of time. A lot quicker than I thought it was going to be and for that I’m thankful! Dan knew exactly what he was talking about. Any questions I had Dan, and his assistant, Michelle was glad to answer. The outcome of my divorce was exactly what I was hoping for.


Allison Lawrence is the best lawyer I have hired.she was attentive when I presented my case to her & knew exactly how to handle it.very professional person when it comes to her job,also a humanitarian.Allison has given me great advice in a free consultation,as well as stood by side in court with chargers pending,of course she got the charges dismissed!!Great attorney,very need of a lawyer,I highly recommend Allison Lawrence.



    While nothing can fully compensate a victim who has suffered serious losses that will be permanent or long-lasting, filing a car accident claim with the liability insurance provider of the at-fault party can provide some of the economic relief that victims and their families desperately need after a crash. Because Ohio is an at-fault car accident state, an injured party must prove the fault of the other driver in order to recover compensation. While this may be clear in a head-on collision (i.e. clearly the driver who was traveling in the wrong direction was to blame), there are some cases when fault may be more complicated.

    For example, consider the case in which a driver enters an exit ramp for a highway, causing a crash involving their own vehicle and the vehicle of a driver exiting the highway. While at first glance it may appear that the driver who wrongly entered an exit is to blame, a more comprehensive look may reveal that defective design of the roadway or a lack of proper signage was truly to blame, and that the driver traveling in the wrong direction would never have made such a decision but for design/signage errors. As such, this may raise the question of municipal liability for the crash, which would involve bringing a claim against a local (or in some cases, state) government agency.

    When you hire the law offices of Groth & Associates, we will thoroughly investigate the cause of your collision, and all potentially liable parties in order to get you the maximum amount of compensation possible in your case.


    When you have been in a head-on collision in Toledo and suffered serious losses, you deserve an attorney who has experience, and has demonstrated skill and success handling cases like yours in the past. What’s more, you need an attorney who knows the law and best practices for investigating a claim, dealing with insurance adjusters, and negotiating a settlement. When you call us, you can count on rapid responses, the use of modern technology for easier communication, and the resources and staff necessary to give your case the attention it deserves.


    We know that taking action to contact an attorney after a crash can be complicated. You surely do not want to relive your accident by talking about it, and may not know whether or not an attorney is even necessary in the first place.

    We approach your case with confidentiality, and know how sensitive these matters can be. When you call us, we will sit down and discuss your case and provide you with sound legal information free of charge. If you hire us to work on your case, you won’t owe us a cent if our work isn’t successful.

    Please send us an email today, or call our offices directly to get started.  Our head-on collision attorneys in Toledo care about you.

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