What Happens When You Report a Dog Bite in Ohio?

Despite the fact that they may have sustained serious injuries, many people do not want to report a dog bite in Toledo. This is usually either because they know the dog owner and do not want them to get into trouble, or they do not want the dog to be put down. These serious consequences do not always follow a report of a dog bite.

It is important to report any dog or other animal that bites or attacks you. Not only will this help protect your health and safety, and that of others, but it is also required under Ohio law.

How to Report a Dog Bite in Ohio

Under state law, anyone who has been bitten by a dog, or knows of a dog that has bitten someone, is required to report the incident to the local health commissioner. The bite should be reported to the health commissioner in the county in which the bite occurred, and the report should be made within 24 hours. For example, anyone who is bitten by a dog in Toledo should report the attack to the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department.

It is not only dog bite victims that are required to report bites and attacks. Licensed veterinarians must also report any time they learn of a dog biting someone, and health care providers must also report these instances.

What Happens After a Dog Bite is Reported?

Several things will happen immediately after the local health commissioner learns of a dog bite. First, the health department will assess the animal to determine if there is any risk of rabies. 

The dog will be in the custody of the health department for a minimum of ten days. If a risk of rabies is present, the health department will hold the dog in quarantine for a certain length of time. Sometimes this quarantine takes place in a kennel or local shelter, but it can also occur at the home of the dog owner. There are instances in which the health department does order the animal to be put down humanely so other tests can be performed.

The local health department will also evaluate the dog further to determine if the animal is up to date on their vaccinations. If there are issues with vaccinations, the health department will inform the victim of this.

After the dog bite is reported, the health department will also conduct an investigation into the incident. They do this to determine if the dog is any of the following:

  • A vicious dog that seriously injures or kills someone
  • A dangerous dog that bites or injures another person
  • A nuisance dog that tries to bite or attack a person, or that chases someone

The health department will also try to determine if the dog owner was in violation of any laws or ordinances.

Our Dog Bite Lawyer in Toledo Can Help with Your Claim

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