What to Do if You Were Exposed to a Toxic Substance?

Exposure to toxic chemicals can lead to many negative health effects, including cancer, respiratory problems, and psychological impairments. At Groth & Associates, we realize that people increasingly are exposed to toxic chemicals. Train derailments, warehouse fires, and defective products increase the possibility you will breathe or ingest dangerous toxins.

Contact our firm today. Below, we provide some general guidance about steps to take if you suspect exposure to a dangerous chemical or substance. Call us to receive individualized advice about how to proceed with a personal injury claim.

Remove Yourself from the Toxic Environment

The first step is to halt the exposure, which usually means removing yourself from the place where you are being exposed. If your apartment has black mold, then you should immediately move to an apartment or motel. Ask friends and family if you can stay with them.

Similarly, if you face toxic exposure at work, you should stay home until the chemicals are removed. Give your employer notice that you are leaving because of the toxins in the environment.

Request Information about the Toxins

Some people don’t know they have been exposed until they come down sick. But in other situations, you will receive notification of the exposure.

For example, your employer might have notified you that chemicals were released, or local authorities could inform you about a train derailment or chemical spill. Try to find out as much information as you can about the toxins. What are they? How much was released? How long was your exposure?

It is sometimes difficult to pry information out of unhelpful employers or government officials. But whatever information you can find is helpful.

Seek Legal Advice

Generally, anyone harmed by toxic exposure can sue the person or entity responsible for the release. A lawyer will have more information about what steps to take. For example, if you were exposed at work, you might need to file a workers’ compensation claim. If your exposure happened in an apartment, you also have important rights against the landlord.

A lawyer can also help you document the effects of the exposure, including how it has impacted your ability to earn a living, as well as its impact on your emotional state.

Receive Medical Care

Your ability to seek compensation hinges on the ability to prove you have suffered harm from the exposure. This is why receiving medical care is vital. Tell your healthcare provider about any symptoms you are experiencing. Doing so helps create a paper trail.

A doctor might prescribe diagnostic tests. For example, if the toxin increases the risk of cancer, you might need regular cancer screenings.

Receiving medical care improves the possibility you will get well. It also helps build up the basis of a legal claim. Keep detailed records about the doctors or specialists you see, as well as the cost of your medical treatment.

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