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Although Bowling Green is a relatively small town that is removed from the hustle and bustle of larger cities, it unfortunately still sees its fair share of car accidents, so if you

were recently injured in a car crash, it is important to contact an experienced car accident lawyer who can explain your legal options.

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The severity and type of injuries sustained in a car crash depends on a series of factors, including:

  • The number of vehicles involved;
  • The speed at which the cars were traveling prior to the crash;
  • The size of the vehicles;
  • Whether the parties were wearing seat belts; and
  • The age and general health of the occupants.

The type of accident a victim was involved in will also impact the kinds of injuries he or she may sustain. The most common types of crashes include:

  • Rollovers;
  • Rear-end collisions;
  • T-bone crashes;
  • Sideswipes; and
  • Multi-vehicle collisions.

All of these types of accidents can have devastating consequences for passengers and drivers alike. However, certain accidents are more likely to cause specific injuries. For instance, victims who were t-boned are more likely to suffer from shoulder injuries, fractured ribs, head trauma, and hearing loss. Severe whiplash and spinal cord problems, on the other hand, are more indicative of being rear ended.

Although these factors have a significant impact on the severity of a person’s injury, there are some injuries that are especially common in car crashes, including:

  • Whiplash: This injury is usually caused by a sudden impact forcing the head and neck to snap forward, which in turn stretches the muscles and ligaments in the upper back and neck. Whiplash injuries can range in severity, but often make it difficult to turn the head or even sit or stand comfortably. Some victims struggle with the effects of whiplash for years and may be required to undergo physical therapy or use prescription medications to manage the pain. Other common injuries to the neck include vocal cord paralysis, which is caused by nerve damage and makes it extremely difficult to breathe, swallow, or speak.
  • Head Trauma: This is one of the most serious injuries that a car crash victim can sustain because the effects are often permanent. Head injuries are usually caused by a sudden blow to the skull from coming into contact with a dashboard, window, steering wheel, or another part of the car during impact. When an impact is sufficiently forceful, it can cause damage to the fluids and tissues inside the skull, which can lead to headaches, concussions, skull fractures, and traumatic brain injury. Many types of head injuries are treatable through surgery, while others can result in permanent memory loss, brain damage, and even comas.
  • Spinal cord injuries: These types of injuries can also be extremely serious because the spinal cord plays a hugely important role in the brain’s ability to control the body’s muscles, heart, and lungs. The spinal cord is protected by vertebrae in the spine, so when these bones are fractured, dislocated, or compressed as a result of a forceful impact, the shards can pierce the tissues and nerves of the spinal cord. This can damage the spinal cord’s ability to intercept messages from the brain to the rest of the body, which can cause both a loss of movement and a loss of feeling below the point of injury. In other cases, herniated discs, although painful, do not cause additional damage to the spinal cord. Fortunately, herniated discs can usually be treated through physical therapy or surgery.
  • Chest injuries: Chest injuries are especially common in rear-end and head-on collisions when the head and chest are often thrown forcefully against the steering wheel, dashboard, airbag, or windshield. As a result, fractured ribs, punctured lungs, internal bleeding, and cardiac arrest are not uncommon crash-related injuries.
  • Superficial injuries: Bruising, abrasions, and lacerations are one of the most commonly sustained car crash-related injuries. Broken glass, shards of metal, and other crash debris can pose a serious risk to victims if they are cut. In fact, some lacerations may be so deep that they require stitches or sutures and will leave permanent scars. Underlying muscles could also be damaged in particularly severe cases, requiring surgery in order to repair them.

Physical injuries are not the only type of injury faced by car crash victims. For instance, many people who are involved in car crashes suffer from emotional distress, often for years. In severe cases, they may even require therapy and prescription medications for anxiety. Some of the most common symptoms of stress-related disorders include:

  • Anxiety;
  • Depression;
  • Flashbacks;
  • Stress;
  • Insomnia or other types of sleep-related problems;
  • Irritation and sudden mood swings; and
  • Memory problems.

Fortunately, injured parties struggling from some or all of these symptoms can seek help from therapists and other medical professionals, although treatment is often expensive, making it doubly important for accident victims to collect compensation from negligent parties.






To establish another party’s negligence in causing a crash, the plaintiff will need to demonstrate that:

  • The defendant had a duty to exercise reasonable care;
  • The defendant breached that duty; and
  • The breach caused the plaintiff’s injury.

Even if a plaintiff contributed to an accident, he or she can still recover compensation from the other party. This is because Ohio adheres to the legal theory of comparative negligence, which means that a plaintiff’s recovery will only be diminished by his or her percentage of contribution to the accident. As long as an injured party was not more than 50 percent at fault in causing the crash, he or she will be able to recover a portion of medical expenses and lost wages.

The ability to obtain compensation for economic and noneconomic losses is important for victims of car crashes who may be required to undergo multiple surgeries, physical therapy, and foot the bill for expensive medications. In Ohio, plaintiffs who can establish another party’s negligence can collect reimbursement for these costs as well as some or all of the following damages:

  • Lost wages;
  • Loss of future income;
  • Property damage; and
  • Pain and suffering.

Although no amount of money may be able to return an injured party to his or pre-accident physical condition, obtaining compensation can go a long way towards helping a victim begin the long process of recovery.

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When we first contacted Mr. Groth, he gave us his cell phone number and we were able to directly contact him day or night. His knowledge of the Ohio judicial system was astounding. He handled all aspects of our case himself, never once handing off our case to jr. associates. Stevin had positive relationships with all the judges, district attorneys and court personal that we came in contact with. Stevin’s persuasive arguments on our son’s behalf cleared him of all charges. Because of Stevin’s abilities, our son is able to move forward with his life without the stigma of a criminal record. We could not recommend Stevin Groth more highly.


Dan is an amazing attorney. He had my divorce finalized in a short period of time. A lot quicker than I thought it was going to be and for that I’m thankful! Dan knew exactly what he was talking about. Any questions I had Dan, and his assistant, Michelle was glad to answer. The outcome of my divorce was exactly what I was hoping for.


Allison Lawrence is the best lawyer I have hired.she was attentive when I presented my case to her & knew exactly how to handle it.very professional person when it comes to her job,also a humanitarian.Allison has given me great advice in a free consultation,as well as stood by side in court with chargers pending,of course she got the charges dismissed!!Great attorney,very need of a lawyer,I highly recommend Allison Lawrence.



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