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Best Criminal Lawyer In Ohio
Stevin Groth literally saved my future. He treated me with nothing but respect and dignity, with stern sound advice, and helped me through the most difficult period of my life. I would recommend him for anybody that is serious about finding legal representation in the state of Ohio. He has practiced in multiple states and is extremely professional on top of being a well-known and well-respected part of the legal system. If you are dedicated to providing exactly what he asks for you can expect what he says to come to fruition and in my case…more!!! My life would be utterly over if I did not acquire his representation in my criminal case and follow through on every step of his directions. He worked with me and kept me in the loop every step of the way and drastically altered the course of my trial. I could of never envisioned the events following my arrest going in the direction that they did and it was only possible due to the excellent legal representation on behalf of Stevin Groth.

– Mark 

Calming Force in the Storm
Dan represented me in my divorce and again seven years later in post decree motions brought against me. My emotions were running high and he helped significantly by calmly explaining the legal process and possible outcomes. He listened to my concerns and was very respectful of my time, emotions, and resources. Dan is truly gifted in his ability to stick with the facts and navigate through parties who are emotionally charged and not acting rationally or cooperatively. When progress is not being made he will call time and reconvene when the parties are more able to work together to resolve their conflict. This is truly a blessing! It is also evident that Dan is well respected among the other attorneys in the area as well as having a good relationship with the court. This is definitely another plus! Dan was always timely in returning messages and kept me up to date on everything throughout the process. He worked hard to do what was in mine and my child’s best interest. Although I hope to not need him again, if the need arises he will be my first call!

– Kristy 

Great defense lawyer!
Alison Lawrence helped me through one of the biggest mistakes of my life!! Was dependable and went above and beyond to help me throughout my case! So much so that I have referred three other people to her who also have had great outcomes!! She is definitely a lawyer who actually cares about her clients. Even when I would ask the same questions over and over she was patient with me and understanding!! She gets the job done!

– a client 

Highly Recomended
Our experience with Attorney Stevin Groth was nothing short of life changing. When we first contacted Mr. Groth, he gave us his cell phone number and we were able to directly contact him day or night. His knowledge of the Ohio judicial system was astounding. He handled all aspects of our case himself, never once handing off our case to jr. associates. Stevin had positive relationships with all the judges, district attorneys and court personal that we came in contact with. Stevin’s persuasive arguments on our son’s behalf cleared him of all charges. Because of Stevin’s abilities, our son is able to move forward with his life without the stigma of a criminal record. We could not recommend Stevin Groth more highly. Sincerely, Alfred and Jennifer

– Al and Jennifer 

Dan is an amazing attorney. He had my divorce finalized in a short period of time. A lot quicker than I thought it was going to be and for that I’m thankful! Dan knew exactly what he was talking about. Any questions I had Dan, and his assistant, Michelle was glad to answer. The outcome of my divorce was exactly what I was hoping for. Thank You Dan for your services!

– Laurie 

Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams has been a most amazing professional person. He’s been an important peace to my growth and family I recommend him to everyone I hear looking for a wonderful person who gets the job done

– Joshua Thomas 

Aaron Misthal
Hopefully you are never in need of a divorce lawyer, but if you do, Aaron Misthal with Groth & Associates will go above and beyond make sure you are taken care of. The knowledge and experience of this law firm in your corner will protect your assets, and the individual and personalized service you recieve makes you feel like the only client they care about.

– Steve Oberhauser 

Joshua Williams
Mr. Williams and his team were very swift with my case. He took the time out of his personal time to ensure that he responded to the opposing counsel. Mr. Williams also coached me and guided me in regards to compliance. If you are in need of any legal services Mr. Joshua Williams will be my recommendation!!

– Kendall Harvey Sr 

By far the finest attorney in Northwest Ohio
The experience I had with Alison was one of the least stressful and definitely the best I’ve ever had pertaining to the judicial system. All of my uneasiness and worry was put to rest with Alison, I highly recommend her for any law problems you may encounter. 5 stars isn’t enough.

– Ryan Watson 

Stevin J. Groth
My name is Robert M and I just recently retired after 36 years with the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office. I first came in contact with Stevin while he was working for the Common Pleas Court in Lucas County and was very impressed about his work from the very beginning. Over the years of my employment, I was close to Stevin when he was prosecuting cases and most recently when he was defending cases. Over the years I was employed by the Sheriff’s Office, I was in contact with attorneys on a daly basis but Stevin stood head and shoulders above most others in all aspects of his work. His professionalism shown toward and compassion to, all he came in contact with, was beyond reproach. Should I ever need an attorney myself, Stevin Groth would be the person I would turn to in my time of need, no matter what that need might be.

– Robert 

Best Lawyer EVER!!!
“Dan was an awesome attorney!! He did an amazing job in helping me get my parental rights back and my long distance visitations with my son set up. He more than exceeded my expectations and I was awarded more time with my son than I ever expected as well. At first i was just trying to get my visitation rights back and in the end he helped me get shared custody with all kinds of extra perks added in with it! He goes above and beyond to help his clients and worth every penny plus more !! I will definitely be using him again if the need ever arises !! I will recommend him many times over to whomever asks for a great lawyer”

– Chris 

Aaron Misthal
It is never an easy situation working with lawyers but Aaron Misthal and his team made the experience pleasant and remedied each situation very well. I would recommend them for multiple legal needs.

– Spencer Rizk 

Allison Lawrence is the best lawyer I have hired.she was attentive when I presented my case to her & knew exactly how to handle it.very professional person when it comes to her job,also a humanitarian.Allison has given me great advice in a free consultation,as well as stood by side in court with chargers pending,of course she got the charges dismissed!!Great attorney,very need of a lawyer,I highly recommend Allison Lawrence.

– Ronnie 

Exceptional and Professional
Stevin is by far the best Lawyer that I have encountered. He is professional, knowledgeable and very patient. I have lived out of the country for the past 5 years and anytime I needed legal assistance he has always been there for me as if I was next door. I would strongly recommend Stevin Groth no matter what the circumstances are. His dedication and attention to detail is what’s appreciated the most. Thanks for all that you have done and you will continue to do for me.

– Lawrence 

I would definetly recommend daniel sczesny
I would recommend Dan to anybody going through divorce with child custody. He keeps you updated on everything going on. Dan and his secretaries make sure you have emails updating you as soon as they are updated on the process of court dates and they answer all questions you may have promptly and honeslty. I was very satisfied with Daniel Sczesny as my lawyer. Thanks again for everything you did for me.

– Nicole 

Best Attorney in Toledo!!!
Attorney Allison Lawrence is by far the most upfront, and professional lawyer I have ever known. Under unfortunate circumstances I was in need of a defense attorney after being assaulted by multiple individuals in a bar parking lot in 2010. Although intoxicated, I was celebrating a huge accomplishment and was not driving. Since the officers were unsure as to the events that led to my assault, all parties were arrested. It was then that Allison was suggested by a friend to take on my case. Allison not only defended me, but was able to prove my innocence on all accounts, thus getting all charges dropped. I can not express my gratitude for her assistance. She saved me from being charged with a crime when I was innocent and also saved my career. I would recommend her to anyone needing the most expert lawyer in Toledo. Allison stands by her clients and follows through with all intentions of keeping the defendant from facing undesirable criminal consequences.

– Kelly 

One of the best Stevin Groth
Fortunately and also unfortunately i have had the pleasure of having Stevin Groth represent me. He is very professional and has a really good re pore with the courts in the Toledo area. I have always been very happy with his representation. One of his best attributes is his personal service. He always returns calls or messages promptly. I definitely would and have recommended Stevin Groth. I don’t even think about calling on any other attorney . One of , if not the best.

– Michael 

Best around.
Dan gave Very Solid Advice prior to any mediation or litigation. He was also very Articulate and intelligent while representing me.

– Brandon 

Awesome results!
I hired Allison about 2 years ago for a dispute with a neighbor. The situation got out of hand quickly and things escalated to me being sent to court. I knew without representation I would probably not fare very well. Allison was very knowledgeable and precise with what we should do. She did a very good job of taking the right course of action and I was very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

– Scott 

Worth Reading
Stevin Groth, a man of integrity. He is very knowledgeable. Stevin has come to my aid several times. He is an excellent presenter for schools or other organizations. Personally, my daughter just received her Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice. She is aspiring to be an attorney. Not knowing which direction she wanted to precede in, I asked Stevin could she “shadow” a day. Not only did she observe him in action, she was introduced to several people who shared valuable information with her. I highly recommend Attorney Stevin Groth.

– Susan 

Excellent service from beginning to end.
Dan is a true professional. He worked with me through my entire divorce and gave sound advice and negotiated a settlement that was more than fair. I encourage anyone that is facing the unfortunate process ending a marriage, or any family legal issue for that matter, to consult with Dan. His no nonsense approach is exactly what I needed to get through the process with my head held high. I would recommend Dan to any friend or family member.

– Douglas 

Allison Lawrence
I would highly recommend Attorney Allison Lawrence, for she is not only an excellent attorney but she treated my husband with respect & he received results from her actions. Allison is kind hearted & stands by your side. I would definitely, if in need of a great attorney again hire Allison Lawrence!

– Patricia 

I would have been lost without Stevin!
My fiance & I were both in a bind within months of each other & we hired Stevin for both of our cases. My fiance was originally facing 3 serious charges & had a lot of prison time hanging over his head. With Stevin by his side, 2 of the charges were dropped & he was given a much lesser sentence than originally depicted. As far as my case, I had cases in 2 different counties & 4 charges, 3 of which were felonies. I was also looking at doing some time, but Stevin definitely saved my life, LITERALLY. I didn’t have to sit even one day in jail & I finished both of my cases felony free. I know if it weren’t for Stevin, I wouldn’t have been so fortunate. He is a very likable, caring guy & the first attorney I’ve ever heard of to hand out their cell phone number so you can reach them 24/7. I took full advantage of Stevin’s accessibility & he consoled me throughout my cases on nearly a daily basis, which is something he really didn’t have to do. I couldn’t have asked for anything more from Stevin. I will without a doubt contact him for any need I have in the future. I have recommended him to everyone I know & if you’re looking for a genuine, hardworking attorney that will get the job done, I recommend him to you as well.

– Kendra 

Review of Dan Sczesny
Very friendly,professional and efficient. Any question or concern I had was immediately answered . All calls were returned quickly I am very pleased with the representation I received and would recommend .

– Jason 

I’d hire her again
Allison has been awesome. She handled a traffic case for me and a false charge from an officer. I would hire her again and I refer her all the time

– Carrie 

Very sensative to the clients needs!!!
No one can ever imagine that when they get married, less than ten years later you’ll need an attorney to handle your divorce. Getting married is easy, staying together is rough, but getting out of a divorce is terrible. Mr. Sczesny stayed in contact throughout the entire process from befioand even after the end. I cant imagine how terrible this could have been without his expertise and timely response to all my needs. I guarantee you will be pleased with this man representing you. And thank you Mr. Sczesny for making this as painless as possible!!!!

– Tonisha 

Highly recommend.
Allison Lawrence came highly recommended through a close friend and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of my case. She was very professional and knowledgeable about my case and my options. She made herself available whether it was over the phone or before and after court with all my questions, concerns and fears. I would highly recommend Allison Lawrence for anyone who has a unfortunate run in with the law. I wouldn’t hesitate to call Allison Lawrence again should I come across a similar situation again.

– Valerie 

I used Daniel twice. He did an amazing job and would recommend him to anyone!! Goes above and beyond to help and truly cares about you as a person not just a client!

– Angela 

She’s on my Speed Dial, just in case.
Allison represented my son for a criminal/ traffic case. Even though there were many Continuances in the case, due to my son, she never seemed annoyed or anxious. She was very professional, on time, knowledgeable and down to earth. I especially appreciate her going out of her way to represent outside of the Toledo area. She always explained everything that was going on without belittling, as some lawyers tend to do to clients. I would highly recommend her to anyone, and that would include family members. I have added Allison to my speed dial just in case I would get into some trouble in the future.

– Roger 

I had Dan represent me in my divorce case, I was married for 17 years and have 3 young children so I certainly had lots of questions and concerns. Dan was excellent in quickly and concisely answering all my questions, describing the best courses of action as well as other possibilities/outcomes of those decisions. Dan was able to answer all of my questions immediately, he definitely demonstrated that he knew exactly what to do and how to get it done. Dan’s abilities, experience and attention to detail made me feel very comfortable and confident in what I was doing and how it was being done. I was also very pleased with the availability and response time from Dan. All of my phone calls and emails were very promptly answered by him and whenever I needed his help I was always able to reach him or even stop by the office. Dan was also fantastic with providing me very timely copies of documentation involving the case in either email or hard copy format. I had everything from day 1 when we started to the very end, nothing was missed. It was very nice to have it at my fingertips so whenever I got nervous I could pull it back up and re-read anything at any time. Overall I was totally satisfied with Dan’s performance and direction in my case. I firmly believe that with Dan’s help my case was resolved well beyond what I thought possible. I would absolutely recommend Dan, his service in my case was fantastic.

– Steve Daviduk 

Awesome attorney!
I can say from experience that Allison is the best attorney out there. Not only does she care about you as a client, but she also cares about each and every one of her clients on a personal level. She will be my first call if I’m ever in a situation that would require her abilities.

– Ben 

Difficult divorce
Daniel got me through a difficult divorce I thought would never get resolved. He was aggressive when necessary and patient when necessary. He really worked magic to get it resolved. I would recommend him.

– a client 

Miracle worker…knows the law.
I hired Allison after my son had rolled a flatbed truck loaded with tree logs. He was driving with a suspended license, had several out standing bench warrants for failures to show, court fines, in addition to bench warrants from Defiance, OH, for a domestic violence program he never completed, and owing fines. She got all charges dropped and his license reinstated, she drove him personally to Defiance court for his appearances. All he had to do was pay his fine. He was looking at doing time , Not one day.

– Luanna 

Excellent Attorney
Mr Sczesny recently handled a parentage/custody case for us. He was very informative and helpful during this very stressful process. He was always quick to respond to any calls, text or emails answering whatever questions we had. He was very knowledgeable about the process & straight forward with us as to what to expect. With his guidance & expertise we were able to take the necessary steps for my son to be awarded custody. I would definitely recommend him and he would be my first call if the need arises again.

– Michelle 

Allison Lawrence
Allison was fantastic, we hired her to help our nephew when he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and trusted the wrong people. She went above and beyond what was expected. She went to the place where the event occurred, obtained camera footage of what took place, and proved that my nephew was not the “mastermind ” but a “stupid” blind sheep who followed and trusted others. Without Allison he would be sitting in prison, with no future to look forward to.

– a client 

Great Representation
I used the services of Mr. Sczesny recently in my divorce proceedings. I was recommended to him by another party. I was very impressed with the way I could contact him via text or phone with questions and with his busy schedule, returned contact that same day. Of course going through any sort of divorce the client is going to be nervous and Mr. Sczesny did a good job keeping the situation light while still giving me great representation. He definitely made me seem like I was his top priority!

– Nate 

Great Lawyer
I have hired Allison several times and she always is prompt with returning calls and works very hard for her clients desired outcome. She comes from a family of Lawyers following in very big footsteps of her father. I would highly recommend her time and time again.

– Todd 

Top Notch Lawyer!!
I can’t say enough about how knowledgeable, professional, and personable Dan Sczesny is as a divorce lawyer. He was always available for any questions or concerns I had whether it be over Text, Phone, e-mail, or even in person. My case was not anything out of the ordinary but Dan faught to make sure my rights as a father were preserved, and my wishes for support were heard. I am very pleased with the outcome of my divorce, and most importantly, how little it cost me in the end. I do realize all cases are different, but for what Dan charges, and what you get in a lawyer, there is NO better deal in town!

– a client 

Dedicated, thorough, professional defense
Ms. Lawrence was my attorney when I was cited for OVI. In our initial consultation she was understanding and very thorough, and gave me a real-world expectation both of the process and also of the potential outcomes. There were substantial issues with the prosecution’s case against me, and Ms. Lawrence explained each issue so that I fully understood how she planned to defend me in court. Through multiple court dates she gave solid advice, and always clearly stated both what she knew would happen as well as what she expected to happen. In my case, her representation included her recommending that I NOT plead to a reduced charge that was offered early in the proceedings. In her opinion, we could do better. I trusted her counsel, and in the end my charges were reduced far beyond that initial offer. I entered the court room facing a large fine and a 3-day program (read: jail light). With Ms. Lawrence’s aid, I left the court room that day with a greatly reduced charge and had to pay court costs plus a $5 fine, no program or jail time. Heaven forbid I should ever need a defense attorney again, but if I ever do, Ms. Lawrence will be my first call.

– Doug 

Big Help
I came to Daniel in December 2014. I needed legal help to end my marriage. He seemed to be very business minded, serious and straight to the point. I was kept well informed as to what was going to happen, where, when and why. I had access to seeing him at his office, talking to him on the phone, and email as well.

– Brandi 

Helped with a legal issue with my son
Allison, did a great job handling my sons case in Bowling Green , Ohio, she told us up front what she was able to try to do for him, and went right to work for my son, and was prompt, professional and courtesy and did a great job, and put a lot of hard work into my sons case, and the outcome was better than we thought, I would recommend Allison for any type of criminal Cases, and she will do her best to help you out.

– Ed 

Very thorough, tough, understanding
Mr. Sczesny is highly recommended by me. He is truly a very competent and understanding attorney. This attorney knows how to play hardball when provoked. Anyone would be in great hands with him. He’s an attorney you can trust. I am highly satisfied and greatful for his services.

– Ericka 

Allison Lawrence goes above and beyond!!!!!
Allison represented me on several occasions and every time whether it was major or minor she got the job done in my favor every time. If I ever have a issue in the future she is the only person I would call!!!

– Anthony 

best lawyer in Toledo
Daniel was very professioal with my case he always looked out for me and kept me informed in every aspect of the case very affordable and fair hes also really cool and a good person as long as i’m in Toledo he will be my lawyer

– Danny E 

Highly recommend.
I would highly recommend her! She’s very passionate about her job and cares for her clients wellbeing. I would like to say she went the extra mile. I was very pleased with the end result.

– Brandon 

Great results with a compassionate attorney!
Mr. Sczensy assisted and represented me in the recent dissolution of my marriage. At a time when I was most vulnerable, Mr. Sczensy advocated and ensured that I received what was in the best interest of both me and my son. He was compassionate in his dealings with me and the situations surrounding the end of my marriage which were (and still are) a source of pain in my life. Dan was efficient and quick to respond to my inquiries, knowledgeable in the counsel/information he provided and most importantly successful in obtaining the results/conditions that I desired to have at the end of my marriage. I would highly recommend Dan for anyone who is looking for legal representation.

– Katie 

Great Lawyer
Allison comes highly recommended. I retained her services for a troublesome problem that I had. She was very professional and handled my problem very well. I was so glad that I had her on my side. She knows her job in and out. I would and have recommended her to people that I know when they need a lawyer. When you have Allison on your side, you are in GREAT hands!!

– Jason 

custody of my granddaughter
Daniel Sczesny stood up to 5 star ratting ,He did everything we asked of .Never misled us on anything, was strait forward and always was there when we needed advice.When we went to court he was always on his game never missed a step.I was very satisfied with the out come of our case and would recommend Daniel 100% .In the future If needed again he will be the first lawyer i call .Thank you again so much for the wonderful job you in saving my granddaughter and making sure she was going to be safe .

– anthony 

One of the greats you will ever meet.
To fill the shoes of her father I’m not sure if she has or not. I’ve never met the man. I can tell you the same passion inside him that ive read about, seems to be what drives Her. If your looking for help from a great attorney you need not look any further. It is a true privilege to of hired Mrs. Lawrence. I feel confident that the attention to detail, boldness, integrity, she has will put you on track and bring you victory. I’ve watched her as a trial lawyer on and off about a dozen times now in the last 8 years or so. That’s why I hired her in my time of need. She cares. She makes a difference she definitely listens. She up holds a standard that people respect. She won’t let you harm your self in court and trys to protect you from the wrongs of others as well. She’s brilliant in the court room on trial and has a gift as a trial lawyer. She gets to the bottom of things in a way that few can. There’s so much I can say for attorney Allision Lawrence you’ll just have to hire her to see. She’s a deciated, hard working gifted lawyer, at trial the courtroom becomes her stage her arena, mostly because she’s right she’s completed the work necessary to be right and it shows. I have many small rants why she’s amazing. You’ll have to see for your self. If your looking for the best of the best. Look no further you’ve found her.

– Derrick 

Dedicated, Motivated and Hardworking!
I was referred to Daniel through a friend of mine who represented him for a child custody case. I was going through something similar and took the advice of my friend to go with Daniel. At the time, I felt completely lost on where to turn for help or that I could even be helped with hearing all the stories and experiences from other people in my situation. After the first meeting with Daniel, all those worries and feelings of desperation disappeared. I knew right away that he was a solid lawyer, he knew what he was doing, and he was going to do everything within his power to make sure things were going to be done in my best interest. I cannot explain what an experienced, knowledgeable and motivated lawyer like Daniel will do for you when you find yourself in a situation needing legal advice and representation. There was not one minute Daniel did not actively push and follow through with every aspect of my case along with keeping my informed the whole time. I am so thankful my friend referred me to Daniel and I plan on using Daniel for any legal needs I may ever need in the future of any kind. I highly…. And I mean HIGLY recommend Daniel for any legal matters you may need.

– David, a Divorce client 

Great lawyer!
Allison is a phenomenal lawyer! She was very caring and answered my million and 1 questions I had during my case. She always got back at me whenever I left a message and helped me prove my innocence in my case in a professional and timely manner 10/10 would hire again!

– Delfino 

Dedicated to his Clients
Back in 2010 Dan Sczesny was my divorce lawyer. He was dependable and prompt on any questions or concerns I had. Long behold 3 1/2 years later I needed his services again when it came to legal matter with my divorce papers. The day I contacted Dan less then 2 hours later he had the problem fixed and sent in. Dan also went out of his way to get it certified and then delivered it to me at my place of employment. I would recommend Dan to anyone, He is dedicated and loyal to his clients. Thank you again Dan for everything:)!!!!!!!!!!!

– Hillary, a Divorce client 

Allison is very nice from the first day I met her I just knew I was going to be okay with her by my side ! I HIGHLY recommend her !

– a client 

Daniel Sczesney is the right choice!!!
I have a long history with Daniel Sczesny. He has been my lawyer for almost a decade. I have used Daniel for several family issues and I have recommended him to several of my friends. Daniel is honest and straight forward! He doesn’t promise you anything he cannot achieve. I consider him a good friend as well. Watching Daniel’s performance in the courtroom is amazing. His skill level is unsurpassed by his opponents and it clearly shows with his results. I know Dan as a nice, professional man, but in the courtroom I can describe him as a shark. He is professional and courteous, however he doesn’t back down to the odds and he fights extremely hard for his clients rights. I am proud to have Daniel as my lawyer and friend! I am beyond satisfied with his performance! I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone interested in retaining legal services! This recommendation comes from almost ten years of personal experience with different legal matters. Daniel was the best choice I have made concerning legal representation! As legal custodian of my son, my son and I say “Thank you Dan!”

– Danny, a Child Custody client 

I have used Allison in the past a few times and she is very professional and always willing to go the extra mile for her client. I would highly recommend her as a lawyer in your case cause she has always been there for me when I needed her most!

– Joe 

Daniel saved the day!
I went to Daniel for a marital dissolution. He was very prompt and quick! 60 days from start to finish. He even tracked down the soon to be ex who was leaving so the dissolution would not be final. He saved the day! I would definitely call on him again.

– Robin, a Divorce client 

I could not of found a more understanding n helpful attorney then Allison. She is someone you can count on and does her best to get you the help you need. I appreciate all that she has done for me. I will always refer her name and number to people if I hear they need an attorney.

– Veronica 

Couldn’t have picked a better lawyer for my case!
Mr Sczesny was my lawyer all through my divorce and with the custody of my children, When I first started the process of divorce I wasn’t sure where to begin, as soon as I walked into Mr. Sczesny’s office, he walked me through everything I needed to do to make sure that I got the right ending result in my case. He made me feel very at ease throughout the entire process. I was kept up to date on everything that was going on at all times, and copies of everything in my case were given to me, He was very organized and helpful throughout. He had given me a timeline at the very first meeting I had with him and was finished within the time period that he gave. I never had a problem contacting him whenever I needed him. He is a fantastic Lawyer and I WILL be recommending him to people in the future.

– a Divorce client 

Allison was great. She answered all questions I had and helped me tremendously. Even when I needed her asap one time she was able to reach out & help me right Away.

– a client 

Came highly recommended by CSEA!
My ex(wife) and I had shared parenting but my son began to spend more and more time with me. I contacted CSEA about taking her to court to stop my child support they HIGHLY recommended Dan. I contacted Dan and told him my situation he set up a appointment with me and he was completly up front with me. During the process he constantly kept me informed on what to expect next and what he was doing. Thanks to Dan I now have primary custody and my child support is stopped now she has to pay ME! He also got me more than I thought about asking for. My son and I thank you Dan.

– Richard, a Child Support client 

Great attorney
Hired Allison very informative was skeptical to hire anyone but she definitely helped me when all else seemed lost. Defended me as if I was her own relative. Definitely recommend to anyone in need

– a client 

Best Attorney ever!
A very close friend, had phenomenal results using Dan as counsel in a child custody case. Long story short, I watched my friend go from being the non custodial father w/ child support responsibilities, to having full custody with support payments. In Ohio courts, it almost takes a act of god, to have full custodial rights awarded to the father. Because of that case I have used Dan as counsel in custodial issues, twice. Each of my cases have resulted in similar successes. Daniel is very astute. Both my cases involved a lot of fictitious stories, courtesy of my Ex, which presented zero issues for Dan. At both trials, Dan dismantled the fiction and basically owned the court room. To say it was impressive, would be a understatement. If you are in need of legal representation, Daniel Sczesny will not disappoint. He is highly articulate, has great attention to detail, and excellent legal knowledge. I also noticed that he is very well liked and respected in the Downtown court houses. Which pays tribute to his professionalism and his court room successes. Daniel if you happen to read this, Thanks a million

– Ted, a Child Custody client 

Great Lawyer
Ms. Lawrence is a good and complete fair person. She does everything she says she will do, and on time. Ms. Lawrence has been my legal representative for the past 4yrs. I’m very satisfied with her work.

– Chris 

An unexpected surprise.
My divorce case was handled smoothly. Our goal was accomplished faster than expected and I am impressed with my attorney was professional, efficient and working with him was pleasant.

– Nicole, a Divorce client 

Allison is the MVP in all court rooms
Allison is truly a spectacular lawyer! Ive used her more times than Id like to admit, both in Felony and Misdemeanor courts. She is the most caring lawyer Ive truly ever met. It was like she put herself in mine and my family’s shoes. She is very respectful, smart, courageous, upfront, trustworthy, sympathetic, caring, and always professional. Mix those all together and greatness is the result. I would recommend her to anyone. If your in a bind and need help, I would strongly suggest talking with her, you wont be disappointed!

– Talon 

By far the best attorney we have had experience with, 5+ stars
Dan Sczesny is an outstanding attorney whom helped my husband with his previous divorce and child custody issues. He put our minds at ease and made the entire process easy and fast, he does not skip a beat and gets the process rolling immediately in detail. The guy is extremely nice but very aggressive and protective in the court room. I myself am experiencing some child custody/visitation issues and as a concerned protective parent, we do what we need to make are children safe and happy. I regret not having Mr. Sczesny as my attorney, I’m considering cutting my losses and investment with another attorney, and going BACK to Mr. Sczesny. Best family court attorney in Ohio by far!

– Brandi M 

Great attorney
I hired Allison to represent me on a few occasions. She was very thorough and made sure she had all the facts. She also went above and beyond to make sure that none of my rights were violated. She always returned calls promptly and professionally. Would recommend her to anyone.

– John Wolf 

Custody review
I was a client of Dan’s for a custody/child support review case. Dan was always honest, straightforward, and informative. He always explained things thoroughly, answered all of my questions, and responsive to my needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone I knew looking for such an attorney.

– Andrea 

Best Attorney in Toledo!!!!
Allison is the most wonderful and caring attorney I’ve ever known. She not only treats her clients with the utmost respect but is down to earth and kind as well….I’ve hired Allison on several different occasions and she has worked hard and I’ve had amazing results each and every time!!! She is an amazing attorney who I also consider a friend…..She is truly wonderful and works hard for each and every client she serves!! Thank you for all you do, Allison!!

– Heather 

Child Support Case
This is the second time that I’ve used Dan’s services. He has always been up front and straight with me about how to best proceed. I’m happy with the results and I’d recommend him to anyone looking for good counsel.

– Jason 

Mr. Sczesny kept me informed and provided expert legal guidance pertinent to my ex-wife’s issues following the loss of my job late last year. He and his office were responsive while I’ve been working for ISAF Headquarters, Kabul, Afghanistan; coordination and timely response were critical in adjudicating the matter and bringing everything to a satisfactory outcome. I highly recommend Mr. Sczesny and his associates for excellent legal advice and services.

– Michael 

Criminal defense
Endorse this attorney. I really appreciate that, despite was a Sunday call, he was very cooperative and we meet in a same day to discuss details. During the trial we can communicate all time with him, he was proactive and advice us all time. The fact that received sentence was what we expect, make me to recommend this attorney with all my trust.

– Cristina G. 

An Excellent Choice
Daniel easily helped me understand the dissolution process and my options during the initial consultation. He showed patience when asked simple questions, yet his direct approach will help you save time in the long run. He is easily accessible and communicated important information outside of traditional business hours. While negotiating agreements, he offered multiple solutions and easy-to-understand explanations of each option’s impact. I was well informed throughout the process, provided a realistic time table and received reminders about every scheduled meeting or hearing. Put Daniel on your short list of attorneys to consult and interview. He’s worth your time.

– Michael 

Excellent representation!
I wouldn’t have wanted any other attorney to represent me in my custody case! Dan was truthful and informative and made me completely comfortable throughout the whole process! He is a true professional!

– Tasha 

Excellent representation!
I wouldn’t have wanted any other attorney to represent me in my custody case! Dan was truthful and informative and made me completely comfortable throughout the whole process! He is a true professional!

– Tasha 

Excellent Attorney!
I cannot say enough good things about Dan. I walked into his office frustrated with a shared parenting plan. He listened to all of my concerns and walked me through everything. I felt as though he had my back from the start, I never once felt pressured or uncomfortable during the process. If I ever needed to reach him, he returned my call promptly. He kept me up to date with emails, phone calls, and even text messages. He’s professional, knowledgeable, and very organized. I highly recommend him to others.

– Jamie 

Professional and kind
Attorney Sczesny was recommended to me by a friend. When I first met with him I was nervous and anxious because I didn’t know what to expect. Dan put me a ease and explained everything in Laymen’s terms. He was professional and always responded to my never ending questions in a timely manner. He kept his cool when things on the other side didn’t go as planned. He was kind and never took advantage of me. I’ve already recommended him to family and friends and will continue to. He was always friendly and accommodating. I hope I never have to go through another divorce but if I do, Dan’s the first person I’ll call. It was a pleasure working with him.

– Michelle 

The Female James Sokolove of Ohio
For an attorney who can get you the legal help that you deserve, call Allison. She was able to represent me in a legal case in OH, and I could put my trust in her, to handle the situation without my presence in the state. Without her help, I would have been seriously lost in the system. I didn’t understand the charges, and she was able to confidently and competently represent me, without undue cost or trepidation. She’s the best representation in the State of Ohio, and I would/will use her services in the future if the need arises.

– a client 

Professional and helpful
Ending a marriage isn’t exactly fun, but having a helpful lawyer made the whole thing so much less overwhelming. Daniel Sczesny walked me through the forms in plain English and at one point contacted my (ex)husband for me when I wasn’t ready to do so. His fee was more reasonable than the other lawyers my ex-husband and I each consulted (a great help when neither of us were doing well financially.) Very professional and would recommend to others in the same situation as me.

– Divorce client 

Down and Out, when the cards are drawn, HE was there…
I had a serious case. He came, he stayed and oh yes, he never left. OK, sol lawyers are harsh, not this one. He is awesome.

– JAN 

Allison is one of the most respected lawyer’s my family and I know! My family and I reached out to her far as traffic to criminal! She has been around for many years and we love her as if she was apart of us. I will always refer her to family and friends. She is top notch to me! I can’t imagine going to anyone else I trust her with my life! She won over several cases for me and I appreciate her and all the hard work she has done for me and my family…. Thank u Allison M. Lawrence

– Stacey Bowen Jr. 

Very professional and Trustworthy
From the very first time I hired Allison I knew I called the right person. I was out of town and we spoke and she came and handled her business. I didn’t personally know any good lawyers before now I have a good feeling that I won’t have to meet anyone else I refer Allison to all family , friends , and friends of friend She’s on her way to the top

– Omar 

The best
I have been going to Allison for all of my legal needs since 2009. She came out late with her pj’s on , spoke with the judge right before it was too late & she was able to get me out of a nightmare the same night!! She’s simply amazing & always there when you need her. I refer her to anyone who may need her assistance & they still go to her til this day. If she can’t help you she will make sure she refers you to someone who can. Thanks for everything Allison!!

– Brittany 

Divorce Representation
Dan’s representation of me during my divorce was excellent. His advice reflected his outstanding knowledge of the process and all that was to be expected. I highly recommend Dan Sczesny as an attorney for divorce cases.

– Mark, a Divorce client, 

Excellent lawyer
She is really a good lawyer she has always been there for me when i needed her and my family. I would always recommend her to everyone. Shes amazing.!!!

– Grace 

Daniel is an excellent attorney who is very knowledgeable about divorce and child support. He always makes time to meet with me when I need to make an appointment. I would recommend him as a divorce lawyer (and have) to any friend/family/colleague that needs one.

– Aurora, a Divorce client, 

Excellent experience. Highly recommend.
I retained Mr. Sczesny as counsel for my recently finalized divorce. He belongs to a law firm that I had worked with in the past and after only one meeting with him I felt confident to hire him. I very much appreciated that he was straight forward with me, telling me what was possible in the best scenario, but more importantly what I could expect in the most normal of scenarios. In terms of making decisions that would impact my child and myself forever, that level of honesty was absolutely priceless. Moreover, he was consistently prompt and responsive to my inquiries and welcomed communication ranging from brief yes/no answer texts, to in-depth 30+ minute conversations. Overall, I could not be happier with the work Mr. Sczesny did on my behalf.

– Daniel, a Divorce client 

Excellent Laywer
Hired Allison a few times definitely highly recommended she help me out big time felt very comfortable with her as my attorney and was not to expensive!!!

– Cody 

Highly Recommended
Divorce is easily one of the most stressful experiences you will ever encounter. When I met Dan for the first time, I was nervous. I had many questions, about the process, about worst-case scenarios, and the expense associated with these legal proceedings. Dan took the time to answer every single question I had (even the ones I asked more than once). I felt really comfortable in deciding to pick him to be my lawyer. He was knowledgeable, efficient, personable, and entirely professional in guiding me through the timeline of events that would encompass my divorce. Dan ensured that all the necessary paperwork was submitted in a timely fashion and when I finally sat down in court (fully prepared and confident) I wasn’t nervous at all. I was fully engaged in the process because my lawyer took the time to help me understand the legal jargon that has always made me a bit uncomfortable. I spent less on this divorce than some of the more ridiculous quotes I was given by other attorneys and I feel very fortunate to have found a lawyer like Mr. Sczesny . I highly recommend this attorney to anyone reading this review right now. He will keep you apprised of everything and reduce the stress associated with life changing events, such as these.

– Wendy, a Divorce client 

Allison Lawrence is a wonderful attorney! She was very helpful and understanding, sympathetic to my situation. She showed dedication and commitment towards my case and is very knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone.

– Latasha 

Highly Recommended!
Dan was extremely thorough with my fiancé’s child custody case. We walked into this situation with several questions, a lot of uncertainty and a little feared from the unknown. There were sensitive issues that we had to address and Dan was wonderful at walking us through the process. He provided insight on a personal level as well as from a legal standpoint. During the entire process Dan answered calls and e-mails from my fiancé and I quickly, which helped keep our peace of mind throughout this entire case. He is a very calm, skilled, and insightful individual who defiantly keeps the best interest of his clients a priority. I have already recommended Dan to three people who are going through a similar situation as we just did. We are very pleased with the outcome of this case and have Dan to thank for it.

– Angela, a Child Custody client 

Awesome Lawyer!!!
Allison Lawrence, is a awesome lawyer. My family reached out to Allison during an emergency time, she immediately made time. She is very caring and makes sure you feel as you are her only client. She takes the time needed with you. Allison can handles and make sure you get the best outcome on your case. Later, down the road I contact Allsion and still, she is here for me and helps me turn my records around and clear my name for the best of me and my family. Please take the time to get a consultation with her, I promise you will hire her!!! Best of luck!!!

– Angie 

Allison is the greatest
She has helped turned my life around and saved me from alot of poor decisions that i have made in my life. Allison isnt just an attorney to me she’s make apart of my family without her i might not be able to see my kids every day. I am very grateful to have ever met this woman and she will always be the one i call for anyone that is in need.

– Stephon 

awesome attorney
Allison has come to the rescue for me and my family every time we are in need of advice and when we don’t make the right decisions in life. She is the only attorney who I would say will go above and beyond for her clients. The last two cases I hired her for I had been arrested both on Friday nights, my wife, Laura contacted Allison, who was at a family event at the moment we contacted her, stop what she was doing contacted a judge and had a bond set up for me on both occasions. Anyone who is in the lucas county area, and gets into trouble knows, you have to wait til Monday morning for a bond. Allison came to the rescue I would say, which I never found that in any other local attorney I ever hired. Allison also had one of my felony cases dropped in Oregon court, which don’t happen to often, and wasn’t afraid to expose wrong doing from local officers. I had 17 felony charges in common pleas court, because of all Allisons hard work and bright thinking I ended up pleaing to two felony fours, so 15 felonies dismissed from felony ones on down. Great work and dedication is what I always get when I hire Allison. I found my attorney and im sticking with her thanks Ally for all the time and dedication only a few people like you out their;]

– jacob 

I would and have recommend Allison Lawrence for a great attorney. She has been very prompt, knowledgeable, and professional in more then a couple of separate cases of mine very pleased with the outcome couldn’t have done it with out her. VERY RECOMMEND!!

– Anthony 

Absolutely Amazing
She has worked a couple cases for me, and each time I was facing a serious punishment. She came to my legal rescue and saved me. I will call or refer her anytime there’s trouble.

– Richard 

Hats off to Allison Lawrence
Allison not only met, but exceeded my expectations by accepting my case and being very thorough in collecting evidence in my defense. Allison went above and beyond, even after the case was over. I had an issue with the court making a “typo” 6 MONTH not 6 YEAR suspension. She was quick to take care of that for me aswell. 100% recommend ALLISON LAWRENCE

– Troy 

Allison Lawrence
I have retained Allison on 2 occasions and both times she had done an amazing job. Very professional and knowledgable. She explained everything to me and in both cases I had excellent results. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent attorney.

– a client 

Highly recommend!!
Daniel James Sczesny has been absolutely amazing for me with my legal needs! He was very upfront with me and explained what I should expect as well as kept me informed throughout my process. From answering emails, making calls and even sending me texts to keep me up to date with all that was going on throughout my legal process. Daniel came highly recommended to me and I am proud to recommend him to all friends or family looking for legal representation. While going through the legal process Daniel kept my best interest and helped with making decisions that made sense for my needs and future. From explaining to me all the legal terms to understanding what I should expect from the outcome of my trial he was there for me. Daniel even picked up on things that my opposing attorney missed and was able to catch them in time in order to protect me from future problems. Daniel was very trust worthy when it came to explaining to him my legal issues and made me feel like I was a priority in his legal world. Over all I was extremely pleased with his legal representation and if I need represented in the future I will gladly make him my one and only phone call.

– Matthew, 

The Best, top of the LINE , very thorough!
Allison Lawrence has been my attorney for years wether it’s misdemeanor or felonies I wouldn’t go anywhere else ! She go above and beyond, she has gotten me out of a lot of sticky situations and has also always gotten me the best outcome and advice money can buy!!!

– Shayne 

Great lawyer
Mr. Sczesny was great from the start. He came highly recommended by a lawyer I had previously used and I was thrilled with outcome. Dan did not offer me promises he couldn’t keep nor did he disappoint. He was very reasonable and would give me the good, the bad and the ugly in order to keep me well informed and on top of things. The receptionist is lovely to work with as well. I particularly appreciated the fact that he was available through text as well as email and phone. I always felt respected and taken care of without feeling babied or pressured. His rates are very reasonable and he is very accommodating. I have worked with several other attorneys and Mr. Sczesny seems to be highly respected by all. He’s tough and capable, but he still has a kind ear and can be very sympathetic to your situation.

– Megan, a Child Custody client 

A dependable, well established attorney in NW Ohio
Attorney Lawrence is an excellent criminal defense attorney and has a good reputation practicing law at all courthouses in NW Ohio. When she is accepts a case she always present, and/or remains in constant communication with her clients, no matter how long it takes to get a case resolved. Knowing her both personally and professionally I would (and have) recommended Attorney Lawrence to people who are in need of legal representation.

– a client 

Grade A Experience
Dan discussed all my goals with me and explained which were reasonable and which were not. He fought hard to come to an agreement both parties could live with. Highly recommend him to others

– Marvin, a Child Support client 

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