Hit by a Rental Car in Toledo? Here Is What You Need to Do

Rental car accidents remain a significant highway safety issue. According to a study published in the Journal of Advanced Transportation, “rental cars experience a higher collision rate per registered vehicle compared to non-rental cars.” There are several theories as to why this happens, including that drivers are simply less familiar with their rental vehicle. 

If you are involved in a crash with someone who is driving a rental car, it is imperative that you know how to protect your rights. While the claims process is similar to other accidents, there are some unique challenges you might deal with after a rental car crash. In this article, our Toledo auto accident lawyers highlight three steps to take if you were hit by a rental car in Ohio. 

Three Things to Do If You are Hit By a Rental Car in Northwest Ohio 

  1. Stop Your Vehicle, Get Necessary Medical Attention, and Report the Accident

Under Ohio law, all drivers involved in a crash have a legal duty to stop their car and exchange information. If you suffered a serious injury in the wreck. Get yourself emergency medical attention. Your well-being always comes first. If you suffered a non-emergency injury, you still need to see a doctor without delay. If the crash resulted in any injuries or in major property damage, it should be reported to the police. This applies to all accidents, including rental vehicle collisions. 

  1. Take Extra Care to Collect Vehicle Information and Insurance Information

If you are hit by a rental car in Ohio, make sure you take extra care to gather and secure as much information as possible. One of the main challenges associated with rental car crashes is that there are more details you need to get at the scene. Among other things, you should get: 

  • The name, license number, and contact information for the driver;
  • The vehicle make, model, license plate number, and state of registration; 
  • The name of the rental car company; and
  • All insurance information that the driver has in their possession. 
  1. Be Ready for a More Complicated Insurance Claims process

Rental car drivers have a duty to get insurance coverage—just like any other motorist. Unfortunately, many people are confused as to what policy actually applies after a rental car accident. Further, the big insurance companies are more than happy to point the finger at other parties to reduce their own liability. Get as much information as possible and an attorney will help you sort things out. You do not have to go through the claims process alone. If you were injured in a rental vehicle accident or you have questions about your rights, an experienced Toledo, OH car accident lawyer will take action to maximize your financial compensation. 

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