How Much Money Can You Make If You Get Hit by a Car?

At Groth & Associates, we have helped men, women, and children injured in car accidents. A common question we field is, “How much can I receive for a car accident?” We understand why accident victims ask this question. Many victims think their injuries are “minor” and doubt they can receive anything. In short, they are asking whether it is worthwhile to make a claim.

To get individualized advice, we recommend scheduling a free consultation with our law firm. We can review the facts specific to your case to better judge how much compensation you might receive. Never assume your injuries are too minor to warrant compensation. Below, we offer some general reflections on the key considerations that go into a settlement amount.

What Economic Losses Can You Prove?

Accident victims should receive compensation to make up for money they lose out of their own pockets due to a car crash. For example, you will probably need:

  • Car repairs or possibly a new vehicle if yours is totaled
  • A rental car to get around while your car is fixed
  • Medical care
  • Prescription drugs
  • Rehabilitation

These are expenses you wouldn’t have incurred but for the accident. We recommend hanging onto your receipts and bills, which help establish the amount you lost.

Were You Prevented from Working?

Lost wages are also economic losses. Many accident victims cannot return to work full time; others can’t return at all. Someone with a disability might have to take a new job which pays less, so they lose out on income that way. Discuss your job situation with your lawyer.

At Groth & Associates, we review our clients’ paystubs and other proof of income to calculate how much they have lost. We can then seek an amount to make up for lost income.

How Serious & Painful Are Your Injuries?

Our car accident clients can also request compensation for pain and suffering. Imagine you have suffered a painful burn on your face. In addition to the physical discomfort, you can experience emotional distress. You might no longer go out with friends or even socialize with family. Your embarrassment and anger can make life difficult.

Personal injuries typically cause some pain and suffering. This is a category of damages which is harder to estimate. Just how much money can “make up” for fractures, burns, back injuries, or head injuries? Still, an experienced lawyer will understand how much similar claimants have received.

Were You Partially At Fault?

Your own contributory fault will reduce your settlement. Imagine you were weaving in and out of lanes on the highway when a speeding motorist hits you. You suffer horrific injuries requiring $100,000 in medical care and an equal amount in pain and suffering and lost income. All total, you should request $200,000.

But you were also driving negligently by weaving in traffic. Consequently, your settlement gets reduced by your proportion of fault. If you were 40% to blame, you will receive 40% less.

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