How to Drive Safely in Snowy or Icy Conditions in Ohio

As a driver in Ohio, you need to be ready for anything. While winter days can be sunny and bright, snow and ice are also in the forecast this season, too. Whether you’ll be traveling for the holidays, commuting to work, or just running errands, knowing how to safely navigate roads can go a long way in keeping you safe and well. Here are some tips for driving safely in snowy or icy conditions in Ohio. 

Always Take it Slow

The number one tip for driving in snowy and icy conditions is just to slow down. The faster your vehicle is traveling, the greater the risk that it loses traction with the road and you’ll lose control. By slowing down, you reduce your risk of an accident. While you may not arrive at your destination as quickly, knowing that you’ve avoided serious injuries and property damage costs is well worth it.

Prep Your Vehicle Before Heading Out

Another tip for driving in winter weather is to prep your vehicle before heading out. Be sure to top off your fluids, and make sure you have a full tank of gas (in the event that you do slide off the road, having the ability to run your engine to stay warm while you wait for help is important). Of course, make sure that your vehicle has an ice scraper in it, and, depending on your car type and where you’re going, consider upgrading to snow/all-weather tires or at least putting chains on your car. As an extra precaution, pack a first aid kit, some non-perishable food items, water, and a blanket, too.

Don’t Stop; Be Consistent in Acceleration and Braking

Some mistakes that drivers make when trying to navigate snowy and icy roads are stopping too frequently, slamming on the brakes if they start to slip, and being unsure about how much to accelerate, especially when traveling up hills. Here are some tips:

  • Be consistent in the amount of force you apply to your brakes and your gas pedal. Accelerate and decelerate slowly
  • When roads are really bad, try not to stop if you can help it. When you are approaching a light, try to slow down well in advance and wait out the light so that you can keep rolling through, rather than having to stop and start again.
  • Don’t power up hills, but don’t fail to apply enough power, either. If you try to accelerate too quickly, your wheels will spin. The best way to approach a hill is to travel a little bit more quickly as you approach the hill, and then allow inertia to carry you up over the top as you consistently apply power to the gas. 

Increase Your Following Distance

Anytime that road conditions are iffy–whether that means snow and ice or just a lot of traffic–you should increase your following distance. Giving yourself extra space between the vehicle in front of you means that you have time to react if the other car spins out, gets stuck, stops suddenly, etc. 

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