How to File a Claim as a Passenger in a Car Crash

Car crashes in Ohio can result in debilitating and life-threatening injuries. In many motor vehicle collisions, an at-fault driver may be injured, and the driver of another motor vehicle may also be injured in the collision. At the same time, it is important to remember that many of the people who are injured in traffic crashes are passengers or vehicle occupants. If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident while you were a passenger in another person’s car, what do you need to do in order to seek compensation? Our experienced Toledo car accident lawyers can tell you more about how to file a claim as a passenger in a car crash in Ohio.

Know That You May Be Able to File a Claim Against the At-Fault Driver

If the car accident in which you were injured was caused by a negligent driver, it is important for you to know that you may be able to file a claim against that at-fault driver. Since Ohio is an at-fault state, or a tort state for auto insurance purposes, anyone who is injured in a crash can often be eligible to file a claim against the at-fault party under Ohio law

Passengers who are injured in collisions may be able to begin seeking compensation by filing an insurance claim through the at-fault driver’s auto insurance policy. This is known as a third-party claim. Ohio requires all drivers to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance precisely for situations in which they cause injuries to other parties in crashes. If an insurance claim does not result in a payout that fully compensates you for your losses, you may be eligible to file an injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

Determine Liability for the Car Crash

In order to seek compensation from the at-fault party, you should work with an attorney to determine liability for the crash. There are many different causes of motor vehicle accidents in Ohio, and you will need to know who is liable in order to file an insurance claim or a lawsuit as an injured passenger or vehicle occupant.

Filing a First-Party Auto Insurance Claim

In some limited cases, it may be possible for a passenger in a vehicle to file an insurance claim through their own auto insurer. This is known as a first-party claim. For example, if you have uninsured motorist coverage or underinsured motorist coverage under Ohio law, you could potentially be able to seek compensation through this coverage. However, most passengers who are injured in crashes will seek compensation by filing a claim against the at-fault party — whether that is a third-party insurance claim through the at-fault driver’s policy or a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault motorist.

Contact an Ohio Car Accident Attorney

Were you injured as a passenger in a motor vehicle collision in Ohio? At Groth & Associates, we know these types of cases can be especially difficult and frustrating for the injured passenger. It can be complicated to identify routes for seeking compensation without help from a lawyer, and the process of determining whether to file an insurance claim or to file a lawsuit can be confusing. Our experienced Toledo car accident attorneys can evaluate your case today and can help you to seek compensation. We routinely represent passengers in motor vehicle crash cases, and we can get started on your claim today. Contact Groth & Associates to learn more about moving forward with your case.