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Even otherwise law abiding Toledo residents can find themselves involved in situations where they are in the wrong place at the wrong time, or involved in matters that are against the law. If you have been charged with a crime, you may be facing the possibilities of heavy fines, potential jail time, and a criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life.

These types of charges have serious ramifications that affect nearly every aspect of your life, ruining your reputation, threatening your present and future financial security, and jeopardizing your personal freedoms. At Groth & Associates, our experienced Toledo attorneys provide the aggressive legal representation you need at a time like this, and can help you in strategizing your best course of defense.

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Being charged with any kind of a crime is a serious matter. At Groth & Associates, our Toledo criminal defense lawyers provide the legal representation clients need when facing the following types of charges:

  • Murder, homicide, and manslaughter;
  • Assault and battery;
  • Theft and burglary offenses;
  • Gun crimes and weapons offenses;
  • Drug crimes, including simple possession, trafficking, manufacture and distribution;
  • Sex crimes and sexual assault;
  • Domestic violence and abuse;
  • Dui and traffic offenses.

The charges you face may vary depending on the acts committed, any extenuating circumstances involved, where the crime took place, and whether you have a previous criminal record. Under Title 29 of the Ohio Revised Code, criminal charges are classified as either misdemeanors or felonies. While misdemeanor charges are generally considered a lesser offense, you could still be facing up to 6 months in jail and fines as much as $1,000 if convicted, while felony charges can range from mandatory minimum jail sentences of six months to three years or more and fines up to $20,000.






Once you have been arrested or are charged with a crime, one call to Groth & Associates is all it takes to get our Toledo criminal lawyer hard at work on your behalf, making sure your rights are protected and strategizing your best course of legal defense. Our experience with the criminal court system and our knowledge of the Ohio Rules of Criminal Procedure allow us to provide the aggressive representation you need ensure the best possible outcome in your case. A strong legal defense often includes the following:

  • Arranging for bond hearings and preliminary hearings;
  • Reviewing the validity of your charges and the prosecution’s evidence against you;
  • Conducting our own investigation into the matter, compiling evidence in your defense and disproving elements of the crime;
  • Subpoenaing witnesses and obtaining statements;
  • Filing pretrial motions and arranging meetings with the district attorney;
  • Negotiating for dismissal or a reduction in your charges;
  • Participating in jury selections and arguing your case at trial;
  • Exploring sentencing options to avoid potential jail time;
  • Filing motions appealing judgments in your case.

Words from our clients

Our experience with Attorney Stevin Groth was nothing short of life changing.
When we first contacted Mr. Groth, he gave us his cell phone number and we were able to directly contact him day or night. His knowledge of the Ohio judicial system was astounding. He handled all aspects of our case himself, never once handing off our case to jr. associates. Stevin had positive relationships with all the judges, district attorneys and court personal that we came in contact with. Stevin’s persuasive arguments on our son’s behalf cleared him of all charges. Because of Stevin’s abilities, our son is able to move forward with his life without the stigma of a criminal record. We could not recommend Stevin Groth more highly.


Dan is an amazing attorney. He had my divorce finalized in a short period of time. A lot quicker than I thought it was going to be and for that I’m thankful! Dan knew exactly what he was talking about. Any questions I had Dan, and his assistant, Michelle was glad to answer. The outcome of my divorce was exactly what I was hoping for.


Allison Lawrence is the best lawyer I have hired.she was attentive when I presented my case to her & knew exactly how to handle it.very professional person when it comes to her job,also a humanitarian.Allison has given me great advice in a free consultation,as well as stood by side in court with chargers pending,of course she got the charges dismissed!!Great attorney,very need of a lawyer,I highly recommend Allison Lawrence.



    Should I GIve a Statement to the Police?

    No. If you are suspected of a crime or you have already been arrested on criminal charges, you should avoid making any statement to the police. Even if you know that you are innocent and you want to help them with their investigation, answering questions without a lawyer present is not recommended. It is not in your best interests. You are a suspect: law enforcement officers are trying to build a case against you. 

    Your words may be misinterpreted, twisted, or otherwise used in a way that you never intended. As a defendant, you have a legal right to remain silent. Use it. Before answering questions from the police or making a statement, call an experienced Toledo criminal defense lawyer. If you have information that you wish to share, your attorney can help you do it in the proper way. 

    There is Evidence Against Me — Should I just Plead Guilty?

    No. One of the biggest mistakes that a defendant can make is to thoughtlessly plead guilty to the charges against them. Once you plead guilty, your case is all but over. Remember, the prosecution has the burden to prove charges beyond a reasonable doubt. In addition, evidence must be collected and presented in the proper manner before it can be admitted into a trial. 

    The bottom line: Do not plead guilty without first speaking to a Toledo criminal defense attorney. Your attorney will be able to review the circumstances and help you take the appropriate steps to get the best results. In some cases, you may be eligible for diversion programs or other alternatives. At the very least, you may be able to reach a better plea agreement with prosecutors that keeps you out of jail or otherwise protects your interests and your future.  

    What Should I Do If I Believe I Was Illegally Stopped or Searched?

    Under the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, defendants are protected against illegal searches and seizures. Evidence that was obtained in an unlawful search may not be admissible in court proceedings. If you believe that you were subject to an illegal stop or an illegal search, it is imperative that you call a Toledo, OH defense lawyer right away. Your lawyer will be able to take action to get illegal evidence thrown out of court. In general, this is done by filing a ‘Motion to Suppress’ — if granted, any evidence that was obtained in an unlawful stop or search will not be allowed into a criminal trial. 

    Where Will My Case Be Heard?

    It depends entirely on the specific nature of the charges. In some small jurisdictions in Ohio, misdemeanor criminal offenses, such as traffic violations, are brought to a ‘Mayor’s Court’. As an example, in Lucas County, the town of Berkey has a Mayor’s court

    Though, in many jurisdictions in Ohio, most misdemeanor criminal offenses and traffic violations are heard by the local municipal court. For instance, if you were charged with a misdemeanor in Toledo, it is likely that your case will be heard by the Toledo Municipal Court

    Felony offenses are generally handled by a county court. If a defendant is arrested and charged with a felony offense in Toledo, their criminal case will generally go before the Lucas County Common Pleas Court

    Finally, in some cases, defendants in Northwest Ohio may end up facing federal charges. Federal prosecutors can claim jurisdiction over a case for a number of different reasons. These cases may be heard at the James M. Ashley and Thomas W. L. Ashley U.S. Courthouse in Toledo. If you have any specific questions about your case and where it will be heard, call an experienced Ohio defense lawyer for guidance. 

    Will My Criminal Case Go to Trial?

    It might — but most criminal cases do not go to trial. According to data provided by the Pew Research Center, only two percent of federal criminal defendants actually go to trial. Even fewer criminal cases go to trial in Ohio. The Pew Research Center found that just 1.27 percent of criminal cases went to trial in Ohio in 2017. 

    Your criminal case may avoid trial for several different reasons. It is possible that the prosecution will dismiss the charges after realizing that the evidence is insufficient to proceed. Alternatively,  defendants may be eligible for a diversion program. For first-time nonviolent offenders, options are sometimes available to avoid pleading guilty or having a trial. Finally, in some cases, the best result for a defendant is reaching a plea agreement that best protects their interests. 

    How Do I Know If I am Hiring the Right Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney?

    You need to find a Toledo criminal defense lawyer who has the skills, experience, and commitment to protecting your legal rights. Every defendant deserves attentive and effective legal representation. If you are looking for the right criminal defense lawyer in Northwest Ohio, we strongly encourage you to call our Toledo law office for a confidential initial consultation. We will review your case, answer your questions, and explain how we plan to proceed. During a consultation, you can make sure that you have found the right attorney for your case. 

    Can I Get an Arrest or Conviction Expunged From My Record?

    In Ohio, certain criminal records are eligible for expungement. If you were arrested and never charged or you were prosecuted and were acquitted, you can take action to get your records sealed. Additionally, once the waiting period has passed, a defendant may also be able to get conviction records sealed. As an example, you must wait one year to file to get a misdemeanor conviction sealed. To be clear, by state law, some criminal records are not eligible for expungement.   

    If you were arrested or convicted of a crime in Ohio and you are interested in getting your records sealed, please contact our Toledo expungement lawyers today. We will conduct a comprehensive review of your case, explain your options to you, and, if you are eligible to get an expungement, take action to seal your records.


    In any matter involving the Ohio criminal court, you need a strong legal advocate to ensure your rights and freedoms are protected. This is definitely no time to go it alone or to delay getting the legal assistance you are entitled to by law. Contact the Toledo lawyers Groth & Associates today to get the experienced legal representation  

    you need to protect you against mistakes that could result in an unjust conviction. Serving Toledo, Bowling Green, Fremont and the surrounding areas, we can help you; call or contact our experienced criminal defense lawyer today to discuss your case.

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