What is the Likelihood of Dying in a Motorcycle Accident?

Riding a motorcycle is a risky activity. Fortunately, any motorcyclist can reduce the odds of a fatal accident by taking some safety precautions. Contact Groth & Associates if you or a loved one was badly hurt in a crash. Our motorcycle accident lawyer can analyze whether you can seek compensation, including who was at fault for the collision. If a loved one died, then our firm will explain how wrongful death cases work.

You Have a 1 in 747 Chance of Dying

According to the National Safety Council, the odds of someone riding a motorcycle dying in an accident is 1 in 747. That’s not even 1%. And that’s a lifetime risk. For the sake of comparison, consider the following:

  • Cancer: 1 in 7
  • Gun assault: 1 in 208
  • Suicide: 1 in 91
  • Motor vehicle crash: 1 in 93
  • Drowning: 1 in 1,006
  • Bicyclist: 1 in 3,546
  • Dog attack: 1 in 53,843

Why is the risk of death higher for regular motor vehicle accidents than for motorcycle collisions? Undoubtedly, it’s because more people ride in cars than on motorcycles. That’s why you have a greater risk of dying while riding in a car.

Why is the risk higher for motorcyclists than bicyclists? Probably because motorcyclists are traveling at much higher speeds, there is a real risk of dying whenever you are hit or fall off the bike.

You Can Reduce the Risk of Accidents

Here are some simple things to keep in mind to reduce the odds of a collision:

  • Ride a motorcycle that’s appropriate for your size. If you are a small woman, then a large bike is too hard to handle.
  • Take a refresher safety course. Even experienced motorcyclists can benefit from a course on learning how to handle their motorcycle. This type of safety course makes it easier to take defensive action when necessary.
  • Try to stand out. Too many motorcycles blend in with the highway, and a car driver can’t avoid what they can’t see. You can stand out by painting your motorcycle a bright color or wearing bright clothing yourself.
  • Keep your motorcycle in good working order. Take it into the shop if you suspect it needs repairs, and have a tune-up before the spring.
  • Follow traffic laws. That means yielding when required and going the speed limit.

And what happens if you do end up getting into a wreck? Fortunately, you can readily reduce the risk of serious injury by wearing a helmet. As many studies have shown, wearing a helmet does not reduce visibility that much. And you can counter any reduction in your peripheral vision by turning your head more.

Your Right to Bring a Wrongful Death

Surviving family members can often bring a wrongful death lawsuit when a loved one is killed in a motorcycle accident. This type of lawsuit provides compensation for losses associated with losing a family member, such as lost financial support and lost services.

Contact Groth & Associates if you have questions. We will gladly meet anyone anywhere to discuss their rights following a crash.