What to Do When You Get Hit by a Car in Ohio

Car accidents happen so quickly that many victims don’t know what hit them. One second they were tooling down the road, maybe listening to the radio, and the next second the ground shifted underneath their wheels.

At Groth & Associates, we realize that the moments following a car crash are some of the scariest you will experience. Nevertheless, we feel obligated to point out that you should take certain steps to bolster your claim for compensation. Failure to take these steps could compromise your health and your ability to obtain full monetary damages.

Stop Immediately

Ohio law requires that those involved in an accident stop immediately and render aid to anyone hurt. Of course, you should pull over to the side of the road after stopping so you don’t block traffic. But ask anyone in your car and in all the cars involved if they need an ambulance.

Call the Police

If you call for an ambulance, ask the 911 dispatcher if she will also send a police officer to the scene. If not, request one. Always call the police if you are involved in a crash. The officer should respond and draft a police report.

Swap Information with Other Drivers

You should share your car registration, insurance information, driver’s license, and home address. Request the same from all motorists involved in the wreck. You will need to share this information with your insurer when you report the accident.

Collect Evidence at the Scene of the Accident

You will want as much evidence as possible to show how the accident occurred. We recommend the following:

  • Take pictures of any debris field. Where debris ends up can illustrate the speed the cars were going when they collided.
  • Take pictures of each vehicle involved in the crash. You want to show what damage the other car sustained. By the time you begin negotiating a settlement, they could have had it fixed at a body shop, so pictures might be the only evidence.
  • Identify witnesses and ask them what they saw. You’ll want some way to contact them in the future, so request an email or phone number along with their name.

Unfortunately, some people are so injured they cannot move about. If this describes your situation, then ask someone else to take pictures for you. Using a smartphone is acceptable. These pictures allow your attorney and insurance adjuster to “see” how the cars might have come together.

Head to the Hospital

Once you are finished at the scene of the wreck, go to the emergency room. Tell the attending physician where you feel pain. Go now, even if you feel somewhat “okay,” because you want to show you took reasonable steps to minimize any injuries.

Remember to return if your symptoms worsen or you feel you haven’t been getting better. Take all prescriptions as prescribed and attend recommended therapy regularly.

Call Groth & Associates

This is the most important step. The right lawyer can help ensure that your claim receives the attention it deserves. We have decades of experience in this field and will do everything we can to obtain compensation for your injuries. Call us today—consultations are free.