Which Trucking Companies Have the Most Accidents in Ohio?

In 2020, Ohio saw 4,854 accidents involving large trucks, which resulted in 134 fatalities and an astounding 2,143 injuries. Many lives were turned completely upside down because of these wrecks. Our clients suffer horrifying injuries in truck collisions, including paralysis, brain injury, and amputation.

At Groth & Associates, we are proud to have helped some of these victims seek compensation from trucking companies that employ dangerous drivers or don’t maintain their fleets. Trucking accidents are avoidable, but only if trucking companies exercise reasonable care.

Many trucks in Ohio come from other states. For this reason, it is hard to identify which companies have the most accidents in Ohio. However, federal databases do show which trucking companies have the highest number of accidents around the country.

The Most Dangerous Trucking Companies

The Safer database collects accident information on trucking companies in the U.S. Over the past two years, the following companies have led the pack with the most collisions in the country:

  • Werner Enterprises, Inc. (Nebraska): 911 total crashes
  • Swift Transportation Company of Arizona: 1070 crashes
  • Schneider National (Wisconsin): 822 crashes

These trucking companies haul into Ohio and undoubtedly get into accidents on our roads, even if they have headquarters in other states.

Ohio-Based Companies are Safer

By contrast, trucking companies that are headquartered in Ohio have had relatively fewer accidents:

  • The Kaplan Trucking Company (based in Cleveland) had 53 total crashes, 19 injuries, and 2 fatalities.
  • Tesla Logistics (based in Columbus) had 3 total crashes causing 1 injury.
  • Dick Lavy Trucking (based in Bradford) had 15 crashes leading to 4 injuries.

The main difference might be the size. Companies like Werner and Swift have more vehicles and, thus, more accidents. Because Ohio saw over 4,000 trucking accidents, most accidents probably involved trucks from other states that were hauling into Ohio or simply passing through.

Can You Sue an Out-of-State Trucking Company?

Absolutely. Any company that hauls into Ohio knows that one of its trucks could cause a collision. For that reason, the company can’t be surprised if they are sued in our state by an accident victim. And if the accident happened in Ohio, then this is the proper state for a lawsuit.

For example, if a Swift Transportation truck slammed into you in Ohio, it would be inconvenient to litigate the case in Arizona, even though the company has headquarters there. The physical evidence from the crash site is here, and you might need to testify in a deposition, along with witnesses who also probably live in Ohio.

The trucking company might try to move the litigation to a different state, but we can represent you in court and argue to keep the case close to home.

Furthermore, because most truck accident cases settle, there is no reason to even go to court.

We Don’t Back Down from Trucking Companies

Large trucking companies have dozens of lawyers representing them. Why not have an experienced truck accident attorney in your corner? Contact Groth & Associates today to set up a consultation.